Pet Sitting

Affordable Pet Services in St George, Utah

Dog sitting and cat sitting are our main focus, but we are also experienced in the care of birds, small animals and aquariums. Every pet receives loving care and attention according to their individual needs, including medical requirements such as insulin shots and medicines.  Quality pet sitters in St. George are in high demand and often booked months in advance, so we will make every effort to meet your pet sitting needs by giving a quality referral when we are fully booked.

We offer a wide range of professional pet care services. Please tell us about your needs and we will do our best to meet them. Our rates are competitive and depend on travel time to your location and the service requested. Please request a quote.

Private Dog Walks

This service gets your dog out for a walk and some fresh air when work schedules or day trips keep your pup home alone for extended periods of time. Handicapped or homebound pet owners may also find this service especially helpful. Visits last a minimum of 30 minutes and walks can be adjusted to whatever length your dog is comfortable with. Play time and water bowl checks are included with every visit.

Cat Visits

Cats can be fun and interactive, but some cats just want to be left alone.  Either way we love cats and are happy to plan visits that meet their needs.  Each visit can include a fresh water check, feeding, cleaning out litter boxes and playtime (depends on the cat, of course).  And if the cat likes to be brushed, it shall be done.  If your cat requires insulin shots (and is willing), we are trained and happy to provide this service.

Pet Sitting Overnight In Your Home

Pets are most comfortable in their own surroundings. That’s why this service is geared to keep things as routine as possible while you travel. Your pets will get lots of attention, walks, and companionship throughout the day and evening. We’ll also water your plants, take out the trash, check doors and windows, clean litter boxes, and collect the mail.

Affordable pet services

Birds, Fish & Small Pets

This service entails checking in on your pet, cleaning out cages, feeding, water check and play time. Birds can be fun and interactive, so we’ll take care to match our attention to their needs. Most importantly, we will follow your instructions as to what needs to be done.

Puppies, Seniors & Special Needs

Puppies and senior dogs have different needs. A robust walk may not be right for them but they may need a potty break or just a friendly visit to make sure everything is okay. If your pet has a unique special need we can work with you to come up with a custom plan to ensure your peace of mind and your pet’s comfort.


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